La Gourmet 7L Thermal Wonder Cooker in Tampines Street 71, East Singapore for sale

 La Gourmet 7L Thermal Wonder Cooker
 La Gourmet 7L Thermal Wonder Cooker
 La Gourmet 7L Thermal Wonder Cooker
 La Gourmet 7L Thermal Wonder Cooker

Brand new Comes with original packaging box.
The Thermal Cooker is good for busy housewives and working mothers who want to cook nutritious meal for kids.
What is a thermal cooker and how does it work?
A thermal cooker (also called a thermal cooking pot) works much like a crock pot. It is made up of two pots:
- Insulated outer pot
- Stainless Steel inner pot
The food is put to the boil on the stove in the inner pot before being placed in the outer pot. The heat (from the boiling process) is retained inside the pot, allowing the food to continue cooking slowly.
The cooker is excellent for soups and stews, anything you would normally use a slow cooker or crock pot for.
The thermal cooker can also retain cold temperatures, and can thus function as an ice-box or wine cooler.
* Saves gas and electricity as food cooks in its own heat.
* Fast and convenient, in most cases needing only 10-15 minutes to bring ingredients to a boil.
* As it doesn't use gas and electricity once the dish is sealed into the outer pot, you can safely leave the house as the food is cooking.
* As this is a slow cooking method, it is possible to cook the protein (meat) till tender and still have the vegetables retain their shape and texture.
* Excellent for picnics and hot meals on day trips as it keeps for up to 8 hours. 
Basic cooking method:
1. Put the ingredients into the inner pot, cover with the lid, and place directly on the stove.
2. Bring to the boil, then simmer. This takes 10 to 30 minutes (the simmering time depends on the type of food you're cooking).
3. Then take the inner pot, and place it in the outer pot.
4. Close the lid tightly.
5. Leave the dish in the pot for a length of time (the minimum amount of time required to cook the dish depends on the type of food you're cooking).
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