ChargeCard micro usb cable in Tampines Street 71, East Singapore for sale

ChargeCard micro usb cable

different kind of charge card to carry with you
It's so frustrating. You have a fully-charged laptop and a phone that's dying. You need the phone, but the laptop's the one with all the battery, and your phone's charger is back at home. Sure, you could carry a tangle of cables with you everywhere you go to head off potentially needing to charge any device you have on you, or you could carry this in your wallet: the ChargeCard.
The ChargeCard is a wallet-sized card the thickness of two credit cards which you can use to sync data or transfer power. Now, it doesn't hold a charge itself. With a regular USB plug and one proprietary plug for your phone or device, any time you have USB power available, it can hook you up.
1) Ultra Thin Card Style USB Data/Charge Sync Cable
2) Can be put into the wallet , Great for frequent travelers, multi-device users, and those of us who are forgetful,
3) With Micro 5pin to USB